The Cultural Climate Summit is an open platform for democracy, art and climate change with art projects, media productions and meetings throughout the Netherlands. This platform works towards a satellite program during the Climate Adaptation Action Summit in October 2020 with cultural programming, debate sessions, and art projects in public space.
With this project we will shift the focus in the climate discussions from technical solutions and financial issues, to stories that touch the heart. Stories about other perspectives, radical changes, mobilization and future perspectives. Collectively, we explore what climate change means to us, and help each other to formulate answers to the big questions of our time.

“We agree: Everything has to change. But how exactly? And what does it mean?”

“We are the summit of the imagination, reflection and communication”

The climate issue is the biggest challenge of our time. Major changes have to be implemented in a very short time. Cultural programming can be a catalyst for change. It produces new knowledge: insights, meaning and imagination. It involves citizens in democratic decision-making. By bringing together parties from different sectors, it also offers a neutral platform for innovation.
Together, we will build a new Climate Convention that should help us to visualize the future and increase our scope for action. Everyone can participate, because we can use any help.

About us

In October 2018, Evanne Nowak and Matthea de Jong organized the first Artistic Climate Summit for the Cultural Capital of Europe. Both work as social entrepreneurs on the intersection of media, art and social change for governments, funds, NGOs and cultural players. Matthea de Jong previously set up various platforms including Movies that Matter Foundation, IepenUP, the Asylum Search Engine, and Per Expression. Evanne Nowak was involved in the climate negotiations of COP14 in Poznan in 2008 as the youth ambassador of the WWF. She was programmer of the International Philosophy Festival Thinking Planet and worked for Nature College, the foundation of Princess Irene from The Netherlands.

“To bring about change, you will have to touch people in the heart”